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About us

Dycore was started to address and close the ever growing distance between business processes and technology. Today’s businesses are still slow to adapt technology to help streamline their processes, labor force, and overall business culture. Using today’s most popular programming language, we can build a customized platform to handle the many tasks required by your business. Our accounting, finance, and business experience will make us an ideal partner to help your business thrive.

Our 3-D process



Find out about your business, services that you provided, processes, and documentation workflow. Quantify what an automation system can do for your business in terms of streamlining, and labor hour reduction.



Design a system tailored to the needs of your business. Reduce the amount of spreadsheets used to keep track of your activity. Automate it all.



Develop the tailored system that can change and evolve with your business.

Why choose us?

Our simple yet intuitive design will ensure that the system is easy to use, yet powerful in capability and capacity.

We will work with you to provide you the best services, and best system that meets your needs.

Streamline your labor force, real-time analytics, increase communication, reporting capability, and workflow streamlining.

You will be working with experience professionals in the field of business, accounting, finance, and operations.

Continues improvement, and enhancement.

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